Kamen Rider Drive: Type TV-KUN - Hunter & Monster! Chase the Mystery of the Super Thief!

2014 0h 0m 0

Justice Hunter and Massive Monster quarrel all over the Drive Pit, and it is not the first time it happened. Mr Belt, however, notes that despite this, or because of this, they form a formidable due when it really counts. It seems that our heroes will soon see it first-hand, as a Roidmude with personal grudge with the Kamen Rider AND Shinnosuke comes back to enact his revenge! This is a special DVD packaged with the January 2015 issue of the Televi-Kun magazine.

Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

Cast: Chris Peppler, Kenta Hamano, Rei Yoshii, Rio Uchida, Ryoma Takeuchi, Shota Matsushima, Taira Imata, Tomoya Warabino, Toru Nomaguchi

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