The Art of Murder

2018 1h 30m 0

When art gallery assistant Kate Miller meets the heir to a run-down estate, she stumbles upon a previously undiscovered masterpiece, and finds herself thrust into the high-stakes auction world of priceless art. But those high-stakes turn deadly when the painting's integrity and authenticity come into question. Kate and the gallery soon discover they're caught in the middle of a million-dollar conspiracy. As the auction date closes in Kate finds herself in mortal danger when a desperate stalker will stop at nothing to keep the truth from coming to light.

Director: Alex Merkin

Genre: Thriller

Cast: Alexxis Lemire, Brad Greenquist, Galadriel Stineman, Jordi Vilasuso, Mark Krenik, Mercer Boffey, Mira Furlan, Stephan Graybill, William Patrick Coleman

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IMDB Rating: 5.1


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